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Green Energy Recovery Solutions

Drain Water Heat Recovery

Superheat Recovery 

Simple zero energy water heater BOOSTERS that save YOU money, 
conserve energy & reduce your carbon footprint 
at the same time!

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DataFox Clear


                     NEW!!!  DataFoX - data logger  

SG AirFoX SMALL WEB Background 215x214            AirFoX
  PH 95 poolheater Web Background       PoolFoX  


Solar Panel Liquidiation Sale!!! 

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Green Building Opportunities

 Go Green with Swing Green | Save Money | Save Energy

Comfort - No seasonal restrictions. No noise. No unsightly equipment.
     Convenience - Onetime install. No maintenance. Zero operating costs.
         Conservation - Utility rebates & discounts. Tax credits. LEED points.

A One Time Investment For A Lifetime Of Benefits!

Residential ~ Commercial ~ Industrial ~ Government 

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