Solar and Radiant Heating Systems



Ultra High


thermal efficiency
up to

combustion efficiency
up to


lower energy costs:,
up to 93% of the gas consumed is
converted into heat for your heating system,
in mid efficiency systems almost half of the heat
can be lost through the chimney


Radiant Heating Solutions

Full System Approach

  • Components designed to integrate with one another for ease of installation.

Energy Efficiency

  • Lower thermostat settings – every 1ºF of decrease in thermostat setting translates into a
    3% energy reduction.
  • Lower water temperatures – a 10ºF decrease in water temperatures equals an energy
    savings of 3-5%.
  • Precise zoning – allows for unoccupied rooms to be set at lower temperatures.


  • Better source of heating for allergy sufferers – no forced air movement is involved, so dust and allergens are not moving around the home.

Increased Added Value

  • Adds excellent resell value to a home.
  • Allows for lower boiler temperatures, saving energy and increasing boiler life expectancy.
    A 45-year life is not unusual. – Source: Ecobroker
  • Superior way to heat a home.
  • Value-added product offering for contractors – allows you to distinguish your business from
    your competitors.


  • Warms at the floors.
  • Warms other surfaces in the room (i.e.: furniture, etc.) turning them into heat emitters


Green Radiant Applications

Saves Energy

  • ProRadiant Systems are a highly efficient, even heat distribution solution that produces energy savings of up to 30%.

Reduces Allergens

  • Less air movement can reduce the amount of dust and allergens.
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